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George W Bush: The Worst President in U.S. History?

by Erik Korzilius

George W. Bush – The Worst President in History?

Bold words; especially coming from a life long Republican, but there’s more to that story, later.

With full disclosure, I predicted GW would be President two years before his first election, and, I voted for him in both elections. Considering the competition, neither vote was particularly difficult to cast, but in the end, the results could not have been much worse.

First of all, the fact that we spanked the Taliban in Afghanistan and removed the bloodiest dictator of our generation from Iraq are the only good things I have to say about GW’s Presidency. Then, again, Afghanistan was such a half-assed project that the Taliban are already roaming freely in the southern part of Afghanistan. And with the poppy-propped warlords useless for anything more than bloodshed and chaos, it won’t be long and our friends in Al-Qaeda will once again have a home court to defend. Then there is the $1.2 trillion morass that is Iraq. Ever wonder why the Brits and the Frogs joined our civil war from across the pond and not on the ground? Even they were smart enough to realize you don’t put troops on the ground when people are killing each other based on principle, or in the case of Iraq, religious hatred. Sadly, the American civil war illustrates the two principles that make GW the worst president in history – slavery and war over money.

My problem with GW is not that he lied, it’s that he can’t stop telling the truth. A truth that cuts to the core of a conservative such as myself. After the elections of 2006, he spoke the truth, “with a Democratic Congress, I can finally get my immigration reform package through.” Of course, reform to GW is merely blanket amnesty to the largest invasion this country has ever experienced. And, what should be troubling to both sides of the aisle is that the Fourteenth Amendment be damned, we have a slave class working throughout our nation in the form of underpaid, undocumented illegal aliens. Sadly, no one really seems to give a damn about these people, as long as we can still get 2 Double Cheeseburgers for $2 at Mickey D’s and every other job “beneath” Americans continues to get done.

So, apparently the bloodiest war ever fought by America, albeit with itself, has proven to be little more than a charade, one in which the color of skin that is oppressed has only lightened slightly.

Maybe if that were the only “truth” he’d been telling my acrid bile would not be spilling forth, but then there’s this, “the truth is, sometimes money trumps peace.” Hmmm, any chance that every American isn’t offended by that statement? I seriously doubt it. Whether you’re an ass or a Dumbo, that particular attitude vitiates over 200 years of the U. S. Constitution’s history. If, in fact, the only true power is that of the will of money, then America has already been reduced to the ash heap of history. If America is not about the ideals of living a life greater than your own in the search of improving mankind in general, then for what purpose did a nation rise from tyranny – merely so that it could return the favor on a global scale?

America to me is the one place in the world where “citizens” are supposed to set the agenda, and the world looks to it as a beacon of change, of something to strive for. In the hands of the moneyed, every nation, including America, becomes nothing more than the absolute worst of human nature. And there is the second principle of the American civil war – a war fought not for an ideal, but for the ideal way to increase wealth and power, industry versus agriculture.

Forgive my cynicism, but I’ve just been viciously betrayed by a President I thought was actually worth a damn when I first voted for him. And now, I just wish Congress would succeed with him, where it failed with Clinton.

Wake up America, if the “truth” is that money is the only power, then no matter what party affiliation, we either stand united for our ideals and the freedom upon which this last bastion of hope was built, or we fall into the sea of situational morals and global capitalism, where the only freedom is that which you can purchase. Whether your hero is John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan, they each believed in the core of American values, they were patriots. We need statesmen, not politicians, or our freedom will disappear faster than Al Gore in a private jet.


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